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Catnip Companions

Growing Catnip

(tips on growing catnip in your garden)

Catnip Plant in Flower
Catnip Plant in Flower

Why should your herb garden not include something special for your kitty too? Growing your own catnip will ensure that your pampered feline only receives chemical-free leaves to enjoy. Along with a companion planting guide, Our Herb Garden has information on growing catnip and this information on catnip companion planting.

Catnip Companion Planting

Catnip companion planting works well with beets, pumpkins and squash. Growing Hyssop and catnip together benefits both plants and the soft blue flowers of each makes a pretty border.

Catnip & Insects

Catnip will attract bees to your garden. Just make sure if you share fresh catnip with your favorite feline that you first check to make sure it is insect free.

Catnip is thought to repel a number of harmful insects including ants, aphids, beetles, cockroaches, flea beetle, Japanese beetles and squash bugs. In a bit of irony, mice and rats hate catnip. Weevils also do not care for the herb.

Catnip Protects Your Garden

Growing Catnip Plant
Growing Catnip Plant
One way to keep your own cat or a neighborhood cat from digging or disrupting your garden is to plant catnip as a border. They will hopefully be so distracted by the catnip that the rest of your garden will remain unmolested.

Additionally, rats and mice hate catnip and it may defer them from making forays into your vegetable garden.

Additional Catnip Information

(Nepeta cataria, Linn.)

To learn more about growing cat mint or catnip be sure to check out our catnip fact sheet.

Did you know that hangmen once used catnip to perform their duties? Learn that and more on our catnip history page.

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