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Lime Basil

If you like your basil with a hint of lime, you have two different options when it comes to growing basil. As I mentioned in my article on basil varieties, there is a bit of confusion when it comes to basil species. It appears there are two distinct different species involved when it comes to lime basil. I wish I could tell you how that impacts the flavor or growing habits in a confident manner but I’m going to have to rely upon the information provided by those selling seeds for these wonderfully aromatic plants.

Ocimum americium and x citiodorum are the species where I expected to find the choices for buying lime basil. However, there are a few varieties being sold under the species name O. basilicum. It would seem, based upon leaf shape that both may indeed be correct.

150 LIME BASIL Ocimum Basilicum Flower Seeds

These lime basil seeds are being described as O. basilicum. Notice the roundish leaves that are fairly close together along the length of the stems. Evening Primrose, the seller of these seeds on Amazon, suggests that this annual basil tastes sweet with a mild citrus taste. Plants require 60 days to mature with white flowers that bloom from summer to early fall. They grow 16 to 24 inches tall and should be placed 6-12 inches apart. {In stock as of 09/04/14.}

Basil Lime – 1000 Seeds

{Act fast if you want these, they seem to go out of stock periodically.}

These lime basil seeds, offered by another vendor on Amazon, is identified as being O. americium – notice the slightly longer, more oval leaves and darker green color. They describe these plants as half-hardy annuals with the distinct aroma of lime. Unfortunately, their growing instructions (included with the shipped product) are not listed within their description.


NOTE: These are only two of several options for buying lime basil seeds from Amazon and their third party vendors. Availability may be limited during each growing season.

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