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Tansy Companions

Growing Tansy

(tips on growing tansys in your garden)

Tansy Plants in Flower
Tansy Plants in Flower

Yellow flowers bloom on the tall stalks of the tansy plant. Once quite popular as a culinary herb, tansy is now primarily grown as an ornamental plant. Tansy does make a wonderful companion plant to a number of vegetables, flowers and berries. We’ve compiled information from a variety of sources to build this tansy companion planting guide.

As more and more gardeners are growing tansy, they are becoming more interesting in learning more uses for their plants. By companion planting, you can use your tansy plants to help other plants in your garden as well as attract beneficial insects.

Tansy Companion Planting

Tansy, when planted nearby will help beans, cucumbers, squash, corn, roses, raspberries and it’s relatives, fruits, peppers and potato. Conversely, planting cabbage near tansy will be beneficial to the growth of your tansy plants.

Tansy in the Garden.

Tansy helps to concentrate potassium in the soil making it an excellent herb to plant near your compost heap.

Tansy & Insects.

Tansy is reputed to be a general insect repellant, deterring many non-nectar eating insects. Our research found that tansy is reported to specifically repel Ichmeumoid wasps, Japanese beetles, striped cucumber beetles, squash bugs, sugar ants, mice, fleas and moths. Tansy is particularly attractive to honeybees.

Be cautious where you plant tansy as it is quite toxic to many animals. Never plant tansy where livestock browse or graze.

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