Caraway Companions

Why just plant your herbs anywhere when with careful planning you can utilize the best attributes of every plant in your garden by companion planting? Our Herb Garden has a complete guide on companion planting with herbs. In this article we are going to talk all about growing caraway and caraway companion planting.

Growing Caraway

(tips on growing caraway in your garden)

Growing Caraway Plant

Growing Caraway Plant

Caraway has nice long roots that can break up and condition soil. It is a wonderful companion plant to most herbs with two major exceptions.

Caraway Companion Planting

Caraway has long roots that can help break down and condition heavy soils which makes it generally a good companion for any shallow rooted plants. Companion planting caraway with strawberries will enhance your strawberry crop.

Companion planting caraway with peas benefits both plants.

Bad Companions for Caraway

Companion planting caraway with fennel or dill is a bad idea and should be avoided if possible.

Caraway & Insects

Caraway will attract parasitic wasps and flies and will help protect other plants from agricultural pests.

Additional Caraway Information

(Carum carui, Linn.)

To learn more about growing caraway be sure to check out our caraway fact sheet.

Did you know that caraway was once thought to ward off witches? Learn that and more on our history of caraway page.