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Anise Companions

Growing Anise

(tips on growing anise in your garden)

Anise Life Cycle
Anise Life Cycle

After seeing several forum members lament that there wasn’t information on companion planting guide with herbs, Our Herb Garden decided to develop our own guide to herb companion planting. This page discusses growing anise and anise companion planting.

Pimpinella Anisum produces lacy white flower heads on stems that grow between 18 and 36 inches tall. Anise should probably be placed in the middle or back of your flower beds where it can make a nice backdrop or provide a bit of shade for low-growing plants.

Anise Companion Planting

Anise companion planting will enhance beans and coriander plants.

Bad Companions for Anise

You should not grow basil, carrots or rue near anise.

Anise & Insects.

Anise attracts predatory wasps and repels aphids. It is believed that anise deters lice and other biting, itch-inducing insects.

Anise & Coriander.

Anise companion planting with coriander will speed germination. While some say that coriander and anise companion planting is beneficial to both plants, others suggest only keeping the two together until the seedlings have grown a little.

Additional Anise Information

(Pimpinella Anisum)

To learn more about growing anise be sure to check out our anise growing guide.

Anise has a long and interesting history which can be read on our history of anise page. Licorice isn’t the only thing this tasty herb is used for.

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