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What’s Growing

We don’t have one of those manicured sorts of yards. Shucks, we don’t even have a lawn. We live in a development built in what was once forest land. Our yard is natural, unruly and wild. It has some store-bought flowers, ground-cover, herbs and ornamentals here and there but most of the yard is covered by whatever nature sends our way. Sometimes it is a wonderful tree that has lovely aromatic white flowers that turn into berries the birds love. Sometimes it is the evil vine that has giant thorns and is as invasive as kudzu.

Taking a walk through our yard is always an adventure. You never know what you will find. That itty bitty little something we planted turned into a huge plant. That splurge last season might have been reduced to twigs by a ravenous rabbit. The cucumber vine that did nothing last season apparently left behind some seeds and is trying anew to give us some fruit. We have flowers blooming virtually all year – who knew vinca could bloom when covered in snow?

As I get more adept at using my camera’s settings and maybe enlist the help of some of the other family members, I hope to fill this section of Our Herb Garden with beautiful photos. When possible, I’ll also suggest options for adding things to your own garden.


Peruvian Daffodil

We took a chance on what we thought were late-season bulbs on clearance only to be surprise with some of the prettiest white flowers we have ever seen.

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