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In The Kitchen

What would a site about gardening and culinary herbs be without some conversations about what goes on in the kitchen. Our family will never be known for our sophisticated palettes. We like home cooking. We don’t think meatloaf is something that should be left behind in the 1980s and we still serve simple buttered rice rather than risotto. That said, we do explore new food items, gadgets and recipes from time to time.

Mom was well into retirement age when I introduced her to the pleasures of mushrooms and zucchini and convinced her that when onion rings are made right, they are a gift of the gods. She still can’t convince me that sweet potatoes taste like candy – if they are so tasty, why do folks need to bury them in brown sugar and melted marshmallows?

Anyway, In The Kitchen, is that section of Our Herb Garden where I share some of our kitchen adventures. Hope you enjoy. Bon Appetite!

Salt to Taste

I always thought salt was salt. After a visit to a new kitchen shop, I now know differently. Murray River Sea Salt offers something unique and tasty.

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