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Backyard Visitors

For our family the birds and woodland creatures that visit our backyard are part of the family. We love seeing a new bird visit our feeding stations or pick the seeds out of our black-eyed susan flowers. The white, yes they are white, squirrels are always a treat. Their grey cousins are fun and we have spent hours watching them chase each other from tree to tree. Our two favorites might just be the hummingbirds and the chipmunks. Sadly, 2014 has been a banner year for snakes and our chipmunks may be gone.

We have several pairs of Towees that live in our yard. They are the beautiful robin-sized orange and black birds shown in this drawing. It was offered for free by

From time to time, I’ll share photos, anecdotes and useful information about the wildlife that calls our backyard home or just pass through for a visit.

Safe Bird Nesting Material

Not all advice on safe bird nesting material is actually safe for birds. We’ve been doing it wrong for year and causing harm to our feathered friends.

Carolina Anoles

Green Carolina anoles are charming little lizards that can be found scampering around much of the Carolinas. They make great first-time reptile pets.

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